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The fifth Grape Escape 2009 – a wine and haute cuisine festival will be held from February 5 to 8 at the Old GMC Courtyard, Panjim from 6.30 pm onwards. Being a prominent wine festival, there will be exclusive wine tasting sessions conducted on all four days from 7.30 pm to 8.15 pm. These sessions will be for invites only and for wine connoisseurs.

Also there will be a wide array of music, dance and act performance to enthrall the audience. The event will be backed up by Konkani great artistes Quepemchim Kirnnam, Amelia and troupe, Goa’s topmost bands – Pure Magic, Forefront, Lace, Belinda and Tropicanoes, Big Country Band and Jazz-fusion by Collin D’Cruz.

There will be spot singers like Lulu Fortes, Newton and Nezz and Trio Orlando, dance performances by Dr Martin and Group, Snaden and Shawn and the Versatile who will captivate your heart to top class renditions. Also, the fire-eaters and the Hoop Hulla, the carnival paraders and the pirates will put up amazing acts and liven the show.

The highlights of the festival will be the fashion show conducted by one of Goa’s well-known designers Monty Sally and the selection of The Grape Escapade Queen 2009.

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Bailancho Saad in its meeting has strongly condemned the attack of girls in a pub in Mangalore by the Sri Ram Sena and demanded that the guilty be punished.

It strongly protests the curbing of women’s rights under the garb of protecting culture and calls upon the government to take strong measures to stop this culture of violence.

According to Sabina Martins, Bailancho Saad has taken strong objection to holding the wine festival on government premises as promotion of alcohol is against the directive principles of the Constitution.

A representation has been made to the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) not to hold the festival on government premises.

The Saad stated that the government should take the responsibility of educating the public (about) the ill effects instead of promoting alcohol and make the alcohol manufacturing companies accountable for the addiction caused due to aggressive promotion.

The Saad has also decided to intensify the protest against the proliferation of offshore casinos in the rivers as well in low grade hotels and five star hotels. A series of awareness meetings have been held in several villages.

The Saad also took strong objection to the advertisement of gambling all over the state and called upon the government to remove them. If the government fails to curb the advertisements then the organization will have no option but to take appropriate action, Sabina said.

(Gomantak Times dated 4 February, 2009)

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