Friday, February 13, 2009

Kepemchim Kirnam performing at the Grape Escapade at Inox Courtyard.

Photo by Rozario Estibeiro.
Kepemchim Kirnam performing at the Grape Escapade at Inox Courtyard.



Great decibels drown classical notes

Music lovers in Goa fumed over the Entertainment Society of Goa’s poor co-ordination of events within its campus that led to the disruption of a high calibre classical music concert on Thursday evening.
Blame it on the Grape Escapade with high decibel sounds forcing renowned classical musicians to wind up and pack off from the Maquinez Palace where an august audience was relishing tunes of Adagio and Rondo by W A Mozart.
The incident took place on Thursday when two events were permitted in the ESG Complex.
While the classical violin and piano recital was scheduled at 6.30 pm at the Marquinez Palace, the Grape Escapade was simultaneously held at the INOX courtyard.
When the artistes, from Switzerland, Thomas Schrott (violin) and Daniel Bosshard (piano) began the recital, disturbing sounds were heard in the auditorium, initially of loud talking and thereafter blarring recorded music.
On verification it was found that the music was coming from the INOX courtyard.
The western classical music duo stopped playing.
The duo attempted to re-start but the music was too loud forcing the musicians to bring the concert to an abrupt halt.
Members of the PRO MUSICA, an association of music lovers from Goa who organized the violin and piano recital at Maquinez Palace Auditorium, are irked by the incident.
Speaking on condition of anonymity one said, “It is wondered what kind of sound-proofing has been done at the Maquinez Palace ‘state-of-the-art’ auditorium!”
The member said, “This is perhaps a historical first, when a high-calibre musical recital in Goa had to be aborted due to ambient disturbance.”
The biggest disappointment is that the organization of the recital demanded the cumbersome and highly delicate transportation of a Grand Piano from the Furtado Music India shop to the venue with an audience of 200 who had gathered to witness the event.
Another member Shubert Cotta said, “It was really disappointing that the music concert was forced to a halt.”
When Herald contacted ESG, the CEO Manoj Srivastava was unavailable and this paper could not get a clarification on technical issues pertaining to the sound-proof ambience in the auditorium, and on the organisation of two events in the complex at the same time.
Another highly placed official of the ESG said he was not aware of the incident. “But we will examine it,” he said.

-gaspar almeida

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